Customize a solution to meet your specific needs

The Cogent DataHub comes with Gamma, a powerful scripting language that helps you customize a solution that gets the job done. Whether you need to run a script every time a specific value changes, or you need to build a custom window so that operators can enter data, the DataHub scripting feature will help you do it.

Scripting screen capture
DataHub scripting features
  • Attach code to specific data points so the script runs whenever the point value changes.
  • Support for Perl-compatible regular expressions allows you to do easy search and replace on strings with very sophisticated pattern matching.
  • Support for XML encoding allows you to read and write XML directly from script calls.
  • You can convert XML to instances in Gamma script classes, which allows you to work conveniently with the results from reading XML as classes and class references.
  • A convenient API reduces the amount of work a developer has to do to work with XML files.
  • Create alarm condition scripts and have them display warning messages to the user.
  • Build custom dashboards and summary displays directly in Gamma scripts to create self contained DataHub applications.
  • Create Excel readable log files from your live data by running logging code on a timed interval, or whenever a point change occurs.
  • Connect to ODBC compliant relational databases to extract data as well as create records from live data.
  • Apply linear transforms on data as it passes through the DataHub (for example change a temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit).
  • Create full OPC Server simulation programs in Gamma to test systems before you connect to production systems.
More Information

Scripting is part of the DataHub Core, and is thus available in all Products.