Embedded devices

Connect to embedded devices using the ETK

With the Embedded Toolkit (ETK), the Cogent DataHub lets you collect data from your embedded devices and use it in many different ways. To get the ETK, send a request to [email protected]. We will send you back the archive by email as soon as possible.

Access Embedded Data

Make the connection
The Embedded Toolkit (ETK) is a C library that installs on a device and provides the building blocks to connect and communicate with the Cogent DataHub and/or the Skkynet’s SkkyHub Service. It runs on Linux, uClinux and TRON hosts on virtually any CPU, including resource-constrained MPUs with no floating point or MMU support. The ETK:

  • Uses standard C code, so you can port it to other operating systems.
  • Optionally supports IPV6, SSL, WebSockets and a built-in scripting language, allowing you to tailor it to your application and available resources.
  • Requires no VPN, and opens no inbound firewall ports―secure by design.
  • Supports multiple one-way or bidirectional data streams.
  • Allows multiple direct client connections to the device with no need for a gateway.
  • Free to use, with no run-time royalties or fees.

Your embedded data on the web
Read data direct from your embedded systems and make it available in dynamic live web pages that can be viewed from anywhere. See DataHub WebView for more details.

Log your embedded data to a database
Archive data from your embedded systems to any ODBC compliant database. See Data Logging for more details.
Send Email notifications when your embedded data changes.
Want to receive an email when something goes wrong, or would you like to see shift reports emailed to you at the end of each week? See Email/SMS for more details.

More options for using your embedded data

  • Integrate data from your embedded devices into control systems, so your embedded data becomes input data from larger controls applications.
  • Make embedded data available on office and management networks, in programs like Excel and MySQL databases.
  • View your embedded data in the DataHub’s QuickTrend application to quickly and easily build real-time trend charts for system analysis.
  • Network you embedded data over secure Internet connections to other DataHub users, anywhere in the world.