Cogent DataHub Use Case

Several years ago a long-standing plant for a popular brand of baked goods needed to track the activity of operations by logging data from their production lines.  The engineer in charge of the project chose the DataHub OPC Logger because it gave his team a way to log data from their OPC servers to the company’s existing databases, into tables that they used for generating reports.

Use Case - Bakery diagram

Appreciating the value of real-time data now made so available, management asked the engineering team to provide better access to their system from the bakery offices and various locations around the plant, to monitor production, and do supervisory control tasks like uploading recipe files or changing baking times.  They found it easy to create the screens they needed in the DataHub WebView HMI, and with its built-n web server, they were able to add it to their existing system without making any changes on either the OT or IT side.  Most recently, the team has also added the Email/SMS feature of the DataHub program, so the operators and managers can receive notifications from the system by email.