Cogent DataHub® Version 9

What is new in DataHub version 9

Make real-time, bidirectional connections to OPC UA and Classic clients and servers. Connect any SQL database, Modbus slave, Excel spreadsheet, custom programs, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT, Amazon IoT Core, any standard MQTT client or broker, and embedded systems.

DataHub Diagram

IoT Enabled

Directly connect your system to popular IoT services or create your own hybrid solution for added security and flexibility.  Choose from any of:

MQTT Client

Do you need to move data to AWS, Azure, Google or any cloud broker?  With DataHub version 9, you can now connect to any MQTT compliant broker.

  • With our smart configurator for Azure IoT Hub, AWS and Google, the DataHub is the easiest and fastest way to configure and connect your industrial data to the cloud – publish & subscribe.
  • With edge processing, filter your data to reduce your cloud processing fees.

MQTT Broker

Aggregate data from MQTT sensors and data sources.  Integrate your MQTT data into your existing systems using standard protocols like OPC, Modbus, ODBC, and DDE.

  • Send your data to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), device clouds, and Big Data analytics platforms.
  • Easily create a secure, robust hybrid cloud to protect your system from Internet disruptions, while making the data available in any supported cloud service.

Secure Remote Configuration Tool

With version 9, you will now be able to configure the DataHub remotely and when it is as running as a Windows service.  We have also added security around remote access, so you can control who is authorized to configure the remote DataHub, and what options they can configure.

  • Configure a network of DataHub installations from a single location.
  • Prevent local users from modifying DataHub configuration.

64-bit Is Here

DataHub version 9 is 64-bit application.  DataHub version 8 and earlier are 32-bit applications and were limited to about 1.5 GB of memory.  DataHub version 9 can now use the full memory of the computer to increase point counts and scalability.

IP Camera Support

With version 9 of the DataHub you can now connect an IP camera, and stream live video or images. You can embed motion JPEG video into WebView pages, control the camera functions using data points, add timestamps, and do fault detection or motion sensing.