Technical FAQ

How do I?

This technical FAQ links to DataHub documentation and other resources to help you with the following.

Installing and Licensing

  1. Run DataHub on Azure. DataHub software is not intended to run on Microsoft Azure.  Instead, you can use the Skkynet DataHub service, optimized for Azure and available in the Azure Marketplace. For more information see here
  2. See technical specs and known issues.
  3. Move a license.
  4. Back up a license.
  5. Get my license working.
  6. Upgrade my software.
  7. Install as a Windows service.

Configuration and Performance

  1. Configure a large number of DataHub points.
  2. Delete data points.
  3. Find out DataHub performance limitations.


  1. Choose the right tunnelling scenario.
  2. Secure my tunnel connection.
  3. Make custom connections—Windows or non-Windows.


  1. Report a problem.