Release Notes
What's new in version 7.3.11?
This is an update release that combines several new features, improvements and bug fixes. We would like to thank all of the users who provided feedback and encourage you to continue to send feature requests and suggestions to

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Version 7.3.11 - April 6, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-596] - Default permissions do not include data permissions
[DATAHUB-600] - WebView alarm control does not update after a reconnect

WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-747] - No permissions to access historical data through WebView

Version 7.3.10 - March 17, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-544] - Constructing A&E strings with non-English characters sometimes produces garbage.
[DATAHUB-556] - Modbus connection does not stop when disabled.
[DATAHUB-558] - Certificate host name match fails if alternative host name is not present in certificate.
[DATAHUB-559] - Data becomes NOT CONNECTED on tunnel incorrectly.
[DATAHUB-560] - Modbus connection sends commands in parallel even when set to serialize.
[DATAHUB-562] - Modbus configuration allows a transform that results in division by zero.
[DATAHUB-563] - Read-only status being set incorrectly in some cases.
[DATAHUB-564] - DataHub crashes when an OPC A&E server sends a shutdown message.
[DATAHUB-567] - ODBC query sends the word "nil" instead of a NULL in XML document.
[DATAHUB-572] - Connection via SSL (TCP or HTTP) cannot validate the certificate.
[DATAHUB-577] - General options "Start when you log on to Windows" and "Allow only one running program instance" should not be mutually exclusive.
[DATAHUB-580] - Rare crash when tunnel connection exits.
[DATAHUB-583] - ICS-VU-029203 - Privilege escalation exploit through Gamma script default require path.

DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-557] - Increase event log window buffer to 1000 lines.
[DATAHUB-561] - Make message serialization the default for Modbus connections.
[DATAHUB-566] - Add controls to set the type of information logged to disk in the event log window.

WebView Improvements:
[WEBVIEW-742] - Add SourceData property to Image to allow the image to be set through a data point.
[WEBVIEW-743] - Timers can now skip ticks in order to keep up with real time.

Version 7.3.9 - August 20, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-546] - A&E Acknowledgement does not always work through a redundancy configuration
[DATAHUB-548] - ICS-VU-780001 (ZDI-CAN-2981) - Remote code execution vulnerability
[DATAHUB-552] - DataHub crashes if OPC client sends a message after a fatal error
[DATAHUB-555] - Some commands to the DataHub engine from Gamma rejected after WebView login

DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-545] - Speed up data browser window when loading a data hierarchy with many branches
[DATAHUB-553] - Add options for OPC DA to support VT_EMPTY canonical types

WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-735] - WebView cannot load permissions after successful login
[WEBVIEW-737] - WebView does not correctly show pages when the path contains non-ASCII characters

Version 7.3.8 - Apr 21, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-542] - Modbus write fails for some integer conversions

Version 7.3.7 - Mar 27, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-533] - Modbus plugin not showing in Win XP and Server 2003
[DATAHUB-535] - SSL certificate host name match should be case insensitive
[DATAHUB-538] - Modbus driver reads more bytes than necessary

DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-536] - Allow configuration of Modbus reply timeout
[DATAHUB-537] - Allow multiple Modbus connections to share a socket
[DATAHUB-539] - Improve CPU usage and performance in Modbus driver
[DATAHUB-540] - Upgrade SSL libraries to version 1.0.2a
[DATAHUB-541] - Improve efficiency of A&E initial connection and condition discovery

Version 7.3.6 - February 7, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-504] - Uninstalling deletes user WebView pages and scripts
[DATAHUB-516] - Historian query and log ASP pages do not check permissions
[DATAHUB-517] - DDE drag-and-drop creates corrupt point names
[DATAHUB-519] - Store-and-forward reports corrupted bytes when running normally
[DATAHUB-520] - Script command created duplicate tunnel connections
[DATAHUB-525] - TCP tunnel will not try secondary server if both primary and secondary fail
[DATAHUB-527] - Commands on websocket connection sometimes corrupted after connect
[DATAHUB-529] - Incorrect packet length calculation in WebSocket
[DATAHUB-530] - Tunnel data synchronization sometimes does not deliver initial values
[DATAHUB-531] - DataHub crashes when reading an invalid timestamp from a database

DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-511] - Add TunnelDelete and TunnelSaveConfig commands to tunnel/mirror plugin
[DATAHUB-521] - Add support for SSL certificate verification
[DATAHUB-526] - Upgrade SSL connections to use TLS 1.2
[DATAHUB-528] - OPC client connections will not send duplicate writes in a single transaction
[] OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.1h: Fixes CVE-2014-0224, CVE-2014-0221, CVE-2014-0195, CVE-2014-0198, CVE-2010-5298, CVE-2014-3470

New DataHub Features:
[DATAHUB-483] - Add support for site (group) licenses
[DATAHUB-524] - Add support for Modbus TCP

WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-700] - ConcurrentLogin violation results in Login Failure
[WEBVIEW-701] - A script that calls GETP twice on the same property generates an error
[WEBVIEW-703] - TrendChart is slow to load when too many Ticks
[WEBVIEW-710] - In RunMode, Controls marked NOT VisibleInRunMode are HitTestVisible
[WEBVIEW-722] - Memory leak when closing a pop-up dialog

New WebView Features:
[] Scripting now supports try/catch/finally blocks. Syntax is:
try { } catch (e) { } finally { }
    where the finally { } block is optional. The catch block is not optional, so you cannot specify a try/finally statement. You can re-throw an exception from the catch block using throw(e).
[WEBVIEW-723] - Allow user to select whether last column of filtered data table uses all available space

[] Cascade DataHub in Linux has been updated to version 7.3.6 to match the current Windows version.

Linux Bugs Fixed:
[] Relevant bug fixes in Windows from version 7.0.0 onward also apply to Linux.
[] When a TCP connection between Windows and Linux was lost due to a network failure, it was possible that both Windows and Linux marked the data as Not Connected

Linux Improvements:
[] SRRIPC module updated to V2.0.x. It can now be built on 64-bit Linux. See the module CHANGES file for details of changes and bug fixes.

Version 7.3.5 - April 29, 2014

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-469] - DataHub crashes when SSL connection aborts during initialization
[DATAHUB-470] - DataHub crash when SQLite database is file locked
[DATAHUB-471] - License synchronization generates high network traffic in large systems
[DATAHUB-473] - ODBC to some versions of MS-Access fails due to column quotes
[DATAHUB-477] - ODBC to old MS-Access database fails with syntax error
[DATAHUB-479] - AJAX tree view sometimes generates an XML load error
[DATAHUB-480] - Crash when attempting to create an invalid domain name
[DATAHUB-481] - DataHub crashes on startup when odbc cache file is corrupt
[DATAHUB-484] - DataHub crashes when establishing many outbound SSL connections
[DATAHUB-486] - ODBC queryies do not accept ASP expresssions when run asynchronously
[DATAHUB-487] - Scroll bar does not render on A&E filter dialog
[DATAHUB-489] - OPC A&E does not update timestamps with non-compliant OPC A&E server
[DATAHUB-490] - OPC A&E does not update some events when server does not support condition browsing
[DATAHUB-491] - ZDI-CAN-2160: Attacker with file system access can run arbitrary code
[DATAHUB-492] - ZDI-CAN-2192 - Web server stack overwrite or crash with negative content length
[DATAHUB-493] - CVE-2014-0160 - Cogent DataHub is susceptible to the Heartbleed SSL bug

[DATAHUB-475] - Add timeout parameters to the MailSend command-line program
[DATAHUB-488] - Add the ability to tunnel through a WebSocket connection
[] - Improve the speed of the .Net API under heavy point change loads
[] - Work around an Oracle behaviour where columns could be reported more than once
[] - Work around an issue in some OPC A&E servers that transmit all events as "refresh" events

New Features
[DATAHUB-476] - Add a mechanism for remotely updating a DataHub instance via a local network
[DATAHUB-482] - Add command-line arguments to show properties and hide the tray icon

WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-687] - Fix a problem in data table where changing a column name did not signal a change to the control for rendering [] - Add a new Watermarked Text control

WebView Improvements
[WEBVIEW-669] - Display user-friendly message when trying to open a Page with a newer version than the application
[WEBVIEW-685] - Expose Arrange commands (e.g., BringToFront) via WV.ExecuteCommand
[WEBVIEW-688] - Add new properties to the FilteredDataTable
[] - Add grouping, filtering and sorting to the PointDataTable control

Version 7.3.4 - Oct 21, 2013

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-458] - Version command is available via TCP even without connection permission
[DATAHUB-461] - System monitor produces incorrect values when monitoring stopped processes (introduced in v7.3.3)
[DATAHUB-462] - A&E clients cannot connect to DataHub when it is running as a service
[DATAHUB-463] - ZDI-CAN-1981 - HTTP server crash when a query string is supplied to a POST
[DATAHUB-465] - DataHub crashes if logging debug info with datahub_write() and bad timestamp
[DATAHUB-466] - Non-compliant OPC server causes a DataHub crash

WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-673] - Series chart control produces an error when created
[WEBVIEW-677] - Allow series chart and table to handle Excel data and OPC arrays

Please see the README.txt file (located in the Cogent DataHub installation directory) for bug fixes and improvements introduced in previous release versions.