Release Notes
What's new in version 7.3.5?
This is an update release that combines several new features, improvements and bug fixes. We would like to thank all of the users who provided feedback and encourage you to continue to send feature requests and suggestions to

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Version 7.3.5 - April 29, 2014

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-469] - DataHub crashes when SSL connection aborts during initialization
[DATAHUB-470] - DataHub crash when SQLite database is file locked
[DATAHUB-471] - License synchronization generates high network traffic in large systems
[DATAHUB-473] - ODBC to some versions of MS-Access fails due to column quotes
[DATAHUB-477] - ODBC to old MS-Access database fails with syntax error
[DATAHUB-479] - AJAX tree view sometimes generates an XML load error
[DATAHUB-480] - Crash when attempting to create an invalid domain name
[DATAHUB-481] - DataHub crashes on startup when odbc cache file is corrupt
[DATAHUB-484] - DataHub crashes when establishing many outbound SSL connections
[DATAHUB-486] - ODBC queryies do not accept ASP expresssions when run asynchronously
[DATAHUB-487] - Scroll bar does not render on A&E filter dialog
[DATAHUB-489] - OPC A&E does not update timestamps with non-compliant OPC A&E server
[DATAHUB-490] - OPC A&E does not update some events when server does not support condition browsing
[DATAHUB-491] - ZDI-CAN-2160: Attacker with file system access can run arbitrary code
[DATAHUB-492] - ZDI-CAN-2192 - Web server stack overwrite or crash with negative content length
[DATAHUB-493] - CVE-2014-0160 - Cogent DataHub is susceptible to the Heartbleed SSL bug

[DATAHUB-475] - Add timeout parameters to the MailSend command-line program
[DATAHUB-488] - Add the ability to tunnel through a WebSocket connection
[] - Improve the speed of the .Net API under heavy point change loads
[] - Work around an Oracle behaviour where columns could be reported more than once
[] - Work around an issue in some OPC A&E servers that transmit all events as "refresh" events

New Features
[DATAHUB-476] - Add a mechanism for remotely updating a DataHub instance via a local network
[DATAHUB-482] - Add command-line arguments to show properties and hide the tray icon

WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-687] - Fix a problem in data table where changing a column name did not signal a change to the control for rendering [] - Add a new Watermarked Text control

WebView Improvements
[WEBVIEW-669] - Display user-friendly message when trying to open a Page with a newer version than the application
[WEBVIEW-685] - Expose Arrange commands (e.g., BringToFront) via WV.ExecuteCommand
[WEBVIEW-688] - Add new properties to the FilteredDataTable
[] - Add grouping, filtering and sorting to the PointDataTable control

Version 7.3.4 - Oct 21, 2013

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-458] - Version command is available via TCP even without connection permission
[DATAHUB-461] - System monitor produces incorrect values when monitoring stopped processes (introduced in v7.3.3)
[DATAHUB-462] - A&E clients cannot connect to DataHub when it is running as a service
[DATAHUB-463] - ZDI-CAN-1981 - HTTP server crash when a query string is supplied to a POST
[DATAHUB-465] - DataHub crashes if logging debug info with datahub_write() and bad timestamp
[DATAHUB-466] - Non-compliant OPC server causes a DataHub crash

WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-673] - Series chart control produces an error when created
[WEBVIEW-677] - Allow series chart and table to handle Excel data and OPC arrays

Version 7.3.3 - Aug 30, 2013

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-456] - HTTP call with an empty method causes a server crash

WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-654] - Pages are slow to load and unload
[WEBVIEW-660] - Page selection tab is very slow with large numbers of pages

WebView New Features
[WEBVIEW-658] - Add properties to trend chart to hide or show time navigation controls
[WEBVIEW-659] - Add an option to reduce the rate of hash marks showing when network is bad

Version 7.3.2 - July 26, 2013

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-454] - ODBC store and forward does not store if the database is off-line when the DataHub starts
[DATAHUB-455] - Java and .NET APIs do not handle OPC quality with limit flags
[DATAHUB-456] - HTTP call with an empty method causes DataHub to crash (thanks: Paweł Wyleciał)

Version 7.3.1 - July 12, 2013

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-354] - Service Manager settings do not apply to the installed service
[DATAHUB-421] - Switch to Service Console does not work in Win 8 / Server 2012
[DATAHUB-422] - DDE produces message "Attempt to unintern client that does not exist"
[DATAHUB-423] - System monitor sometimes set values to -1, bad quality
[DATAHUB-424] - Historian query does not produce end points when a time span contains no data
[DATAHUB-425] - Web server closes keep-alive HTTP connections unnecessarily
[DATAHUB-426] - Fieldgate throws an error when there are not params on a device
[DATAHUB-432] - DataHub web server does not correctly handle If-None-Match header
[DATAHUB-433] - DataHub web server can get stuck re-trying a write to a dead socket
[DATAHUB-435] - DataHub sometimes crashes on exit if TCP connections are attached
[DATAHUB-437] - Cannot read very long initialization commands from file
[DATAHUB-438] - Rare crash when using a tunnel with binary data
[DATAHUB-439] - DataHub crashes when reading a very long LISP expression from file
[DATAHUB-440] - A badly behaved OPC server could cause DataHub to crash
[DATAHUB-441] - CPU load goes up when you enable then disable logging to disk
[DATAHUB-443] - ODBC Logging cannot read a long stored transaction from disk
[DATAHUB-444] - ODBC Logging interface does not apply flags like enable/disable caching
[DATAHUB-445] - Memory leak when opening and closing the properties dialog
[DATAHUB-446] - ZDI-CAN-1915 - Remote execution vulnerability in web server (this only affects Version 7.3.0, not earlier versions.)
[DATAHUB-447] - DataHub crash when logging Debug level and a DDE binding fails
[DATAHUB-448] - System monitor does not set values to -1 when a process stops
[DATAHUB-449] - Quicktrend fails if you try to plot string data
[DATAHUB-451] - DataHub crashes when closing the properties dialog on very slow machines

DataHub Improvements
[DATAHUB-427] - Change outbound embedded connections to register domain when connecting
[DATAHUB-428] - Change HTTP date parser to handle non-compliant date formats
[DATAHUB-429] - Change DDE to produce millisecond accuracy on time stamps
[DATAHUB-430] - Change ODBC to MS-Access to accept column names that are keywords
[DATAHUB-442] - Add the ability to route event log output to the debugger console via a registry entry

WebView Changes
[WEBVIEW-646] - Hide Telerik Numeric Gauge control due to memory leak
[WEBVIEW-645] - Error in Timer block's Repeat Behavior
[WEBVIEW-624] - Always show Text Label Format String Help Info (even when Format String is empty)
[WEBVIEW-647] - Resolve very slow load times when the data set is large
[WEBVIEW-648] - Change the TCP heartbeat and timeout to 10 / 60 seconds

Please see the README.txt file (located in the Cogent DataHub installation directory) for bug fixes and improvements introduced in previous release versions.