Power Plant Coordination

DataHub Use Case

A national power company in Asia is using the Cogent DataHub to support data communications in redundant configurations for a group of power plants spread across a wide geographical area. The requirement was to ensure that all data be collected, securely and completely, from the plants, and be made available to authorized personnel to view on the web, in spreadsheets, and emails, as well as to be logged in corporate databases.

Use Case - Power Plant Coordination diagram

These requirements were implemented by connecting a Cogent DataHub to a redundant set of PLCs at each plant. Each PLC is connected to an OPC server, which is connected to the DataHub. Then each pair of DataHubs at each plant connects by tunnelling to a single DataHub running at the company’s central location. That DataHub resolves the redundancy for each pair, choosing the active, trusted data stream for each plant. The DataHub pools all of the data into its single, unified data set, and then sends that data, as specified by management, for logging, web viewing, powering spreadsheets, or populating emails.