Patient Monitoring System

DataHub Use Case

A European company is using DataHub software to supply data to their patient monitoring system.  The system provides a large, interactive wall-mounted screen for health professionals, showing them at a glance all of the critical statistics related to each patient in real time, as well as the relevant processes and security protocols used by critical care departments.

Use Case - Patient Monitor System diagram

Those pieces of equipment whose data is most relevant to the immediate health of patients are connected to an OPC server running on a centralized computer.  A DataHub instance is also installed on that computer, and connected to the OPC server.  The DataHub instance is configured for logging data to the database of the monitoring system.  When a machine is connected to a patient, the data flows through the OPC server to the DataHub instance and into the database.  From there it is picked up and fed to the display screen in the nursing station, along with security and process data pertaining to the patient, which provides a complete picture of the patient’s health.