Integrating Monitor Status Data

Cogent DataHub Use Case

A system engineer working at a company in Europe that makes medical devices was given the task of integrating the status data between two or more HMIs.  The idea was to be able to view the data from the HMI of one piece of equipment, such as a heat monitor, on several other networked HMIs.  This would allow for a more holistic monitoring and understanding of a patient’s condition while looking at any given HMI screen.

Use Case - Integrating Monitor Status Data diagram

To implement this, the engineer set up a server computer that used OPC servers to collect status data from the medical devices.  Then he installed a DataHub instance on that computer, and connected it to the OPC servers, aggregating the data from each device.  Finally, he used the DataHub Bridging feature to establish server-server bridges between the various OPC servers.  The result is that the data is now available to the different HMIs, and can be used either for calculations or display, depending on the capabilities of each display unit.

Additionally, the engineer used the DataHub WebView application to build a new web-based display that provided information on the status of the networked HMI systems.