Hydro Power Maintenance

DataHub Use Case

A North American power company responsible for operating and maintaining dozens of regional hydro-electric power plants needed a way to automatically collect and archive the data from those plants. Their current approach was to manually extract the data from their SCADA system and send it to a pair of databases. This was time-consuming and prone to human error. What they decided to do was implement a parallel system, dedicated to logging data, that would bypass their SCADA system altogether.

Use Case - Hydro Power Maintenance diagram

The system configuration that worked best for them was to install an OPC server and a DataHub instance on a single machine to collect the data from the power plants. The aggregated data was then tunnelled across the network to two DataHub instances, each running on a dedicated machine, designated for data logging. On each of those machines the DataHub instance connects to a database, and logs the data. They had tried another tunnelling product before using DataHub software, but it was inconvenient to install, and required too much processing power. By contrast, the DataHub program installs easily and uses almost no system resources.