Cogent DataHub Use Case

The plant engineer at a large European brewery was tasked with creating a web-based interface for monitoring the plant’s production line, and enabling high-level supervisory control, such as entering production targets, changing schedules, and modifying ingredient lists.  He got in touch with Cogent, and found that the DataHub WebView HMI met his needs very well.

Use Case - Brewery diagram

After using the WebView application for several years, the company asked him to come up with a way to improve their approach to storing production data for daily and monthly reports.  The DataHub Database feature gave him complete flexibility to log specified data to any table in virtually any configuration needed, and was soon implemented on his system.

A few years later, he was assigned more projects to put system data into emails, to send it to Excel for analysis, and to monitor the performance of the computers on which the DataHub program was running.  He was able to meet these requirements using the DataHub Email/SMS, DDE, and System Monitor features.  Overall, the flexibility to build a fully integrated system by incorporating functionality in a modular way has meant significant cost savings for the company, as they could test and add features as needed.