Bottling Plant

Cogent DataHub Use Case

DataHub software is being used to log alarm data and create end-of-shift reports at one of the Europe’s largest soft drink bottling plants.  The system design has a unique requirement that the live data from each triggered alarm needs to be combined with one of 1500 text descriptions of the alarms, and then those results get logged to a file.

Use Case - Bottle Plant diagram

When this design was first requested, it seemed difficult to achieve.  The alarm system had no way of incorporating extra text strings, particularly not from an Excel file, where the alarm descriptions were being stored.  After some trial and error, the system integrator responsible for the project introduced DataHub software.  With some initial help from Cogent’s technical staff, they were able to write a script that adds the appropriate alarm description string to the database log.  That script worked so well that they began using their DataHub instance to create end-of-shift reports, in addition to the alarm logs.