Textile Manufacturing

DataHub Use Case

Management at a large textile plant in North America wanted to gather data on machine performance.  They were concerned that any time a machine stopped, someone had to gather all the relevant information by hand—the time, product type, operator, and other parameters.  The HMI that they were using to control the machinery had an OPC server, so they decided to find a way to use it to somehow automatically collect the data they needed.

Use Case - Textile diagram

A search on the web led them to DataHub software.  In a few hours they were able to connect a DataHub instance to their data, and start logging the data they needed into a database.  Now each time a machine stops for any reason, they get an immediate log showing the time it stopped, the fabric being produced, the operator on duty, and other information.  Whenever they need to modify these parameters, they can simply reconfigure the DataHub instance to log other data coming in through the HMI.  The resulting ability to gauge performance of both machines and people has resulted in a significant cost savings for the company.