Medical Device Manufacturing

DataHub Use Case

During an MES upgrade, a major medical device manufacturer in North America needed to develop a high availability solution for the communications between the MES platform and the SCADA platform. This solution had to provide redundant options to protect against a loss of communications due to server or application failure.

Use Case - Medical Device Manufacturing diagram

They implemented DataHub software to establish dual-channel redundant communication between the MES and SCADA applications. DataHub Scripting provides heartbeat signals for each channel, allowing the MES to determine the health of each channel, and in the event of a loss of communications, to know which path to continue using. DataHub Redundancy determines which SCADA system channel to use for communications. DataHub Tunnelling conveys the dual channel communications between the MES and SCADA. The system has been running 24/7 since installation, with minimal need for intervention. DataHub software has also allowed for better visibility of data and advanced troubleshooting of communications issues.