Manufacturing Paper Products

DataHub Use Case

When upgrading a video-based quality control system, a paper manufacturing plant in Europe ran into an integration problem they had not experienced before.  The quality control system and the vision system were each running on two different nodes on the network, each was protected by firewalls, and each offered only an OPC server interface.

Use Case - Manufacture Paper Products diagram

The company’s system integration contractors used DataHub software to make the connection.  They installed one DataHub instance on the machine running the quality control system, and another DataHub instance on the machine running the vision system.  After connecting both DataHub instances to their respective OPC servers, they were then able to configure a tunnelling connection between them through the firewalls.  To make the data from one server visible to the other server, they used the DataHub Bridging feature. By combining OPC tunnelling and bridging, DataHub software provided a complete and reliable way to network real-time data.