Filling and Packaging Line OEE

DataHub Use Case

The engineering and management teams at a European pharma group have embarked on a plant-wide project to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).  Starting with a single filling and packaging line, they prepared a database and the analytical tools needed to evaluate the production data in real time.

Use Case - Filling Packing Line OEE diagram

Each line is equipped with multiple PLCs that control the filling machinery.  As a first step they connected all the PLCs on one of the filling lines to a single OPC server, and then connected OPC server to a DataHub instance.  With that configured and working, they were then able to feed the data to their database, and run their analyses.  Based on the success of this approach for the first line, they are planning to extend the system to the other production lines, and then connect to a dedicated data historian and other databases for expanded monitoring and calculations.