Water Nozzle Assembly

DataHub Use Case

The production line of a firefighting equipment producer in North America has a robotic picker that runs up and down a row of bins to pick parts for nozzle assemblies.  At one point they needed to overhaul the robot, and replace its controllers.  The problem was that the new PLCs were not compatible with the existing control system.  This control system was software that ran in Linux, and connected to the system via a database.  What was needed was a way to make the connection between the database and the PLCs.

Use Case - Water Nozzle diagram

They chose DataHub software linked to an OPC server to make the connection.  A DataHub instance connects to the database and receives commands from the control program.  It passes those commands along to the OPC server, which in turn sends them to the PLC.  The real-time performance of the DataHub program sped up the part-picking and assembly process noticeably.  As a result, company has seen significant improvement in efficiency, and has nearly eliminated down time altogether.