Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

DataHub Use Case

Top management at a South American manufacturing company of heavy equipment needed a convenient way to view production data in two adjacent plants.  Their executives wanted a dashboard in their office to view every important aspect of production, in real time.

Use Case - Heavy Equip Manufacturing diagram

First they tried to simply add real-time data connectivity and web-based graphics functionality to their existing MES system.  After several months of struggle, they began looking for a more secure and reliable alternative.  When their system integrator told them about the DataHub WebView application, they were pleased to find out that it could be added to their system with zero impact on the IIS system or anything else in the IT domain.  The SI connected a DataHub instance to the main OPC server in each facility, and tunnelled the data to a DataHub instance running at a central location.  Using the WebView application on that central computer, they were able to quickly create web pages for the data display.  Within a few weeks a complete system was up and running, and the displays are available both to the management and operators alike.