Dairy Products

Cogent DataHub Use Case

The plant engineer at the production facility for a retail dairy and ice-cream company was looking for a way to get better access to his data.  He needed to monitor production in real time, as well as pass some of the data along to the company’s analytical team to integrate with production targets, inventory levels, and other data sources to generate key performance indicators (KPIs).  The data connectivity aspect of the project was handed over to a system integrator familiar with the plant and its unique requirements.

Use Case - Dairy Products diagram

Through a search on the web, the system integrator identified DataHub software as capable of meeting all the project requirements.  He connected a DataHub instance to an OPC server running in the plant that provided all the machine data that the plant engineer required, and tunnelled it to another DataHub instance running in the plant office.  To that DataHub instance he connected a third DataHub instance that was running on a separate machine and was connected to an Excel spreadsheet.  Once all the connections were configured and enabled, plant management had full access to the raw data in real time, and to analytics being run in real time in Excel.