Cogent DataHub Version 11

What’s new in DataHub version 11

Version 11 of Cogent DataHub software has a better security model, provides an enhanced WebView HMI experience, and connects to a wider range of data historians.  It also has updates and enhancements for MQTT and the Cogent DataHub service for Microsoft Azure.

DataHub V11

Improved Security

An entirely new security model offers:

  • Import user accounts from a local Windows machine or external LDAP server
  • MFA – Authenticate users using multi-factor authentication, including TOTP (time-based one-time passwords).
  • Differentiate user access permissions by connection source (i.e., IP address, CIDR) and connection protocol (e.g., OPCUA, MQTT, TCP).
  • Create custom roles and permission sets for application functionality and to better secure data using domain-specific permissions.
  • More robust permission granularity for authorizing users.

The new security model uses a new file and format, and it automatically migrates the v10 security data (e.g., users and permissions). It’s also easy to revert back to v10 (see the documentation).

WebView Enhancements

DataHub WebView has a number of exciting new features and capabilities, including:

  • Multiple page tabs It is now possible to open multiple pages in Editing mode, and to quickly switch from one to another. An improved page handling algorithm supports quick switching between pages in Run mode.
  • Page Viewer control A new Page Viewer control lets you put multiple pages on a single page. This is handy for creating dashboard displays and slide shows.
  • Control access and editing Controls can now be searched, selected, and edited in bulk.
  • Lines and arrows There is a new line segment control for drawing lines and arrows on the page.
  • New script editor A new script editor provides a more intuitive coding environment with syntax highlighting and search/replace.

More Historian Connections

In version 11, the DataHub External Historian feature connects to:

  • Apache Kafka
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • OPC Classic HDA

Support for ODBC to allow connecting to virtually any SQL database is currently in development, and will be made available soon. Also coming soon, store-and-forward will be able to use data sources other than InfluxDB.

Better OPC DA Client Connections

The DataHub OPC DA server in version 11 can provide OPC items to clients without the DataHub-assigned domainname: prefix.

MQTT Enhancements

Both MQTT server and client features include support for Sparkplug 3 and MQTT V5 in version 11.

Cogent DataHub service for Azure

Support for DataHub version 11 running in Azure now includes Git versioning of configuration changes, along with the abilities to edit Azure firewall rules and add custom DNS names.

Data Diode Mode

Data diode mode available in version 11 configures DataHub tunnels to immediately discard all incoming data with zero processing. This mode also allows tunnels to pass through any hardware data diode that supports TCP emulation.