Linux Connectivity

Linux systems can access Windows data

Need to access OPC and DDE data from Linux? How about making real-time data from your embedded systems available to Windows based applications? The Cogent DataHub’s Linux connectivity makes this easy, by allowing you to connect directly to its Linux counterpart: the Cascade DataHub.

Mirroring data between these two DataHub programs gives you complete and reliable data integration on each platform.

Why use the Cogent DataHub to integrate data from Windows and Linux?
  • Fully integrate data from OPC servers into your embedded Linux systems.
  • Connect your embedded systems to multiple OPC servers to aggregate data into a common data set.
  • Linux systems access data from the Cascade DataHub using simple API function calls.
  • Mirroring network connections automatically detect and recover after a network break.
  • Point-to-point bridging in the Cogent DataHub (Windows) helps you easily associate points in the OPC Server with points in your Linux applications.
  • DataHub scripting allows you to modify data as it passes through the DataHub.
  • The mirroring connection is fully bi-directional, so you can read and write data in either direction.

Download both the Cogent DataHub and Cascade DataHub from our Download page.

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